#501-3 – Air Horn Set 5.5L

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  • Chrome plated brass alloy with coated aluminum alloy base 3-trumpet/horn•125 + 5db produces loud powerful sound
    •Short trumpet length: 10.5″
  • Medium trumpet length: 15.25″
    •Long trumpet length: 17.25″
    •Trumpet diameter: 7.25″
    •5.5 liter air horn compressor set, includes braided steel leader hose with check valve •Max air pressure: 130psi
    •Regulated operating pressure: 114psi
    •Mounting kit, switch and nylon tubing are included•Power: 12V DC  Package Includes:

    •3-trumpet train horn
    •12V air solenoid
    •130 psi sealed compressor
    •5.5 liter air tank
    •Air tubing
    •Mounting hardware



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