LTE 2-164

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* High Brightness LED

* Microcomputer Programming chip
* Constant Voltage circuit design
* Power off memory function
* Multi flashing pattern
* Ambient temperature: -40c~+50c
* Voltage Input standard: 12v DC.
* One year Warranty.
* 4 hours continous working time
* Bear shake and rain
* Very easy to install



* Bulbs: 4 LED Beacons
* Power switch mode 1 pc
* Oultets: 1
* Bracket 1 pc
* Input Voltage: 12v DC.
* Overall size: 132mm x 40mm x 45mm

* Available color: Blue/Blue, Amber/Amber, Blue/Red, Amber/White


* Length: 5.19 inch
* Width: 1.57 inch
* Thickness: 1.77 inch


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