HID Relay Harness

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This Special HID Relay Works with Newest Dodge Charger, Ram Pickup, GMC, Dakota, Magnumor and etc.

  • This Relay harness wires can draw the power from the battery and not from the vehicle’s electrical system and deliver to the HID ballasts; and not to short your vehicle.
  • The long wire is covered with poly synthetic to prevent any damage from over heating.

Q: I start my car with the HID kit turned on and one or both of the lights turn off.

A: The lack of power and pulsing voltage when your starter is cranking may activate the safety circuit in the ballast and turn one or both off to protect its self.

     Solution:  a: Start car with headlights turne
                b: Install autolamp/DRL relay harness.

Q: Does my car require a autolamp/DRL (day time running lights) harness?

1) If your car has headlights that turn on automatically when it gets dark then yes you may require a harness.

2) If your DRL circuit shares with your low beam it may only output 50% – 80% power when your DRL is active and will cause your lights to flicker. That lack of power is not enough power to activate the HID ballast thus requiring a autolamp/DRL relay harness. In some vehicles you can remove the DRL relay or fuse to disable your DRL. This will stop your lights from flickering when you start your car. If you are able to disable your DRL then you will not need a autolamp/DRL harness as well.

3) If you have a BMW that has a headlamp sensing system you will require a BMW harness.

Item Descriptions

  • Five Wires with one fuse design.
  • Black negative wire; red and white positive wire.
  • 2 Connectors connect to HID ballasts.


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