DRL 506

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We only use best quality LED IC chip for this product, OSRAM Golden Dragon Plus® made in Germany IC chip.

Best protection systems –

1. Build voltage protect resistor inside every DRL, in order to protect the leds not to be damaged by car current when engine starts every time.

2. Open circuit protection is built inside the DRL, so even customers connect negative and positive in wrong way, the DRL will stay safety, instead of burned immediately.

3. Japanese made resistors and capacitors are used for our DRL, which will have much better thermal for LED itself. LEDS will stay cool situation and longer life spam with NONE color fading.

More professional –

1. Radio interference warning canceller is build inside, so there is no canbus problem or radio interference after installing.

2. The DRLs are designed not only waterproof but also corrosion , Silicone water-proof ring& All the stainless screws  all make DRLs more longer time & best performance. IP 67 is ensured.


1) DRL is automatically switched on when the engine is started.

 2) They substantially increase the visibility of motor vehicles to other road users

 3) Have a low energy consumption compared to existing dipped-beam head lamps.

 4) Much more effective and efficient than existing lighting devices

 5) When using LED technology for dedicated DRL,the consum is reduced to only 10%.


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