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We are pleased to introduce to you the new LED Headlights for Motorcycles!

They are smaller than our other U3 LED headlight models and are much brighter than any other LED Headlights for motorcycles on the market.

Each bulb is 2500 Lumens and have both a high and low function. They also come with 3 different adapters for any plug that your motorcycle comes with.


M3 Compare 1



Here you can see the difference between the M3 Motorcycle LED Headlights and regular halogen headlights in cars!




The LED headlights are so bright you can see across a small lake to a bridge! They work great for sport bikes who like to race in the dark night. They are absolutely brighter than any HID out on the market and will outlast them all as well!M3 - Compare 3


Be sure to give them a try and you won’t be sorry you did.


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M3 Motorcycle LED Headlight – Product Page

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